Worldwide Activation campaign Autumn, Christmas 2009 Online Banner Video Banners spaces and MTV

2009 may seem recently but it was actually pretty much the beginning of ‘higher tech’ Internet Advertising. For pre bought pretty rectangular video banner space then first time director Torben Raun was assigned to create and direct an inspiring concept based on a Kari Shaw created sketch of boys and girls swapping and inter combining the new collections by WEfashion. Filmed over 2 days we created 3 very inspiring split screen films even inspiring the later giant Zalando to ‘borrow’ the concept. Simultaneously with internet pages the films ran on MTV for several months.

#AD 15 sec TVC/Cinema

Directed by Torben Raun, Production Fat Fred for TBWA creatives: Kari Shaw, Martin van der Heu, Art Director: Jurriaan van Bokhoven,

#Ad Insta version

l1020088usm torbenraun directingwefilms2
torbenraun directingwefilms2
L1020085 torbenraun directingWEfilms3small
torbenraun directing WEfilms 3
l1020069usm torbenraun directingwefilms
torbenraun directing we films