torben raun artists portraits maraliem
torben raun artists portraits Mara Liem
supercreative artists portrait mara liem 9 torben raun 1
supercreative artists portrait Mara Liem torben raun 1

A Dutch Artist’s Union/Rights Organisation assigned us to shoot portraits for an advertising content campaign to attract new paying members. Torben Raun worked with the artists and portrayed them in their own working environment. This amounted to a series of beautiful and strong portraits that gave color to a colourless organisation. It was a one off collaboration since the artist’s union: Kunstenbond deliberately chose not to pay the artists for using their image in the campaign and a little later launched a campaign for Fair Payment of Artists called ‘Fair Pratice’ which practise didn’t seem to match our ideals nor their own call for Fair Practise payments.

torben raun artists portraits DonnaScholten
torben raun artists’ portraits Donna Scholten
supercreative dancer donna scholten portrait kunstenbond
supercreative dancer Donna Scholten portrait
torben raun artists portraits mareillelabohm2
torben raun artists portraits mareille labohm 2
supercreative artists portrait mara liem 9 torben raun cover.jpgsupercreative Actors portrait Theater Dans Marielle 2 Torben Raun
supercreative Actors portrait Theater Dans Marielle LaBohm 2 Torben Raun
torben raun artists portraits mareillelabohm
torben raun artists portraits Mareille Labohm