Initiated by PR genius Jessica Hartley, then TomTom Communications Manager, who wished to create a fresh new style for TomTom’s internal magazine ‘Within’ leaning more on fashion aesthetics instead of a stereotypical Corporate look and feel, Torben Raun took a brand new approach to corporate portraits and was really happy about the possibility of renewing corporate photography:

Below playing in on a wish of the TomTom GIS team to be shot in the style of Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs fulfilling Tarantino’s own statement: “everything a guy needs: a whiff of danger, gangster, spy — but he can still go to work and be toned down by kicks, boots, sunglasses — you know: daytime.”

supercreative tomtom corporatephotographywithin spring 2013 fv 6 bw
supercreative tomtom corporate photographywithin spring 2013 fv 6 bw
supercreative tomtom corporatephotographyWITHIN SPRING 2013 FV 6 org
supercreative tomtom corporatephotographyWITHIN SPRING 2013 FV 6 org

Another part of the renewal process and idea of Jessica Hartley was to feature TomTom’s own employees as cover stars, after all the internal magazine was about TomTom for and by the people working at TomTom:

supercreative tomtom corperate photography2
supercreative tomtom corporate photography2
supercreative tomtom corperate photography
supercreative tomtom corporate photography

Hence also featuring relaxed and or stylish portraits of the employees themselves:

supercreative tomtom corperate photography3
supercreative tomtom corperate photography3

The use of ringflash fashion lighting was essential for Torben Raun to create a modern feel to corporate photography:

supercreative tomtom corperate photography4
supercreative tomtom corporate photography4

Below then TomTom Chief Marketing executive Gary Roucher photographed by Torben Raun

supercreative tomtom corperate photography GaryRoucher
supercreative tomtom corporate photography GaryRoucher