Creating an endless couch visual with a 2 person Ikea Klippan couch.

Art Directors: Jurriaan van Bokhoven, Jesse Ridder, Energize Amsterdam, Photography, pre prodution & shoot Produced by Supercreative.Amsterdam

kpn energize supercreative img 5176
kpn Bing’s cliffhang bank energize supercreative, ph torben raun img 5176

For an KPN Facebook activation campaign collaborating with popular Dutch soap ‘Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden’ of which the last episode of the season normally features an exciting cliffhanger, Art Directors Jesse Ridder and Jurriaan van Bokhoven came up with creating a competition to let audience members watch the last episode together with the show’s actor Everon Jackson. Participants could join the competition by committing their Facebook profile to the KPN facebook page after which their profile (pictures) would be added on the couch. Endlessly rotating in a designated time period, whoever would end up the closest to the actor would be the winners.

kpn site kpn energize supercreative
kpn site Bing’s cliffhang bank energize supercreative, ph torben raun

Above and below the Different position images of actor Everon Jackson where used by Energize to create the endless couch Facebook Activation campaign.

kpn energize supercreative img 4199
Kpn energize supercreative studio shoot at using the 2 person klippan couch
kpn energize supercreative mg 6832b
Step one in the post process changing the yellow couch into KPN blue
kpn energize supercreative preshoot test
kpn energize supercreative preshoot test: how we were able to create the never ending couch visual test by creative director Torben Raun